Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drum roll please....

Can't wait to meet baby bean #2 early March of 2015!!!!!!'s a BOY!!

I am a little bummed that the ultrasound at the clinic here in Nevada is so limited. We had so many pictures of Tess! I am going to try and find a sonography program here in Vegas and see if I can volunteer and get more pictures of this little guy. I want to see the spine, full body with the legs and not just the but or the profile, I want to...just see more. A LOT MORE! More angles please! I am due, according to an early ultrasound, March 5th. I guess that is more accurate then my LMP date. Which would have given us the due date March 13th. But, I had a feeling before they told me that, that this guy is going to come a little early. 

I got teary eyed with this ultrasound just like I did with Tess. I still worry just like I did with Tess. I am starting to feel him move, and it is my favorite thing in the world. Today, I have felt him move more then any day yet. It's so reassuring to feel him move. He seems to move much differently then Tess did. It seems like Tess would get some sort of "tick" and just kick, kick, kick in one area. It felt like I had a relentless muscle twitch. With him, who is not yet named, he seems to roll around more. Or just jab, so Greg hasn't felt him move since it is kind of here and there. Hopefully he will soon though. We have a whole list of names, no front runners! We plan to narrow it down to just a couple and probably will end up deciding once we meet the little angel. I can't wait! I may not keep a good house, have hot dinners ready every night, and can't keep my marbles straight, but by golly I am seriously in love with this little guy and I can't wait for him to get here and help us move along in life! His arrival is *HIGHLY* anticipated and I think he and Tess will be best buds. 

UPDATE: Minutes after I published this post, Greg felt him move for the first time!!! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Flashback: 4,5,7,8,9 Month Old Pictures!

Wow! I have faithfully taken pictures each month close to or right on the 21st to document how much she has grown and to write about what she is up to and new things she is learning. I have been writing about the later but have neglected to put pictures up! I have missed several months! Maybe it is better this'll be fun to compare the picture back to back. Literally!

Four Months! I have MANY more 4 month pictures, but tracking down pictures I have taken almost a year ago has proven to hold back my blogging. So, I am moving forward with what I have and I'll add more later as I find them. For now, 7 pictures of Tess at exactly 4 months! 

Five Months! 

I had pictures with the sticker on it, but my goodness, I must be going crazy, I just can't find them! 

7 Months- Holy cuteness! I am loving going over these pictures. 

8 Months

Look at that progression! 

Grandpa got home from church and had to have some Tess time, some cute pictures! 

9 Months! And pictures are getting trickier and trickier!